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International Dog Show
Opole, 25-26.4.2015


A dog can only entered to one class:
- Minor Puppy from 4 to 6 months,
- Puppy from 6 to 9 months,
- Junior from 9 to 18 months,
- Intermediate from 15 to 24 months,
- Open from 15 months,
- Working from 15 months, only with FCI Working Dog Certificate,
- Champion from 15 months, only with National or International Champion title
- Veteran from 8 years.

The age of the dog shall be defined based on the date of the show (ex. A dog born on May 15th can be shown in puppy class on November 16th the earliest).

A copy of the recognized Champion Title and Working Certificate for the Champion / Working class to be included. Otherwise the dog will be categorized as "Open Class".

- CACIB and res. CACIB
- Junior Winner
- Best Junior of Breed
- Best Dog / Best Bitch
- Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)
- Best of Breed (BOB)
- Best of Group
- Best in Show - Opole 2015

Best Brace /male and female belonging to the same owner and included in the catalogue/

Breeds not recognized by the FCI may be awarded CWC and therefore apply for the Polish Champion!!!

Dogs that already have the confirmed title of Belarusian, Lithuanian, Latvian or Ukrainian Champion and get the "CWC/CAC" certificate at an International Show in Poland automatically become Polish Champion!
Having the championship of your country confirmed will be a requisite for awarding the Polish Champion title.

Regulations for the Polish Championship
At every show a judge is entitled to award, at his or hers discretion, CWC (same as CWC - Champion Certificate).

CWC may be awarded both to a male and a female, aged minimum 15 months, graded excellent and placed 1st in any of the following classes: Intermediate, Open, Utility and Champion, regardless of the actual number of entries. To become POLISH CHAMPION a dog (bitch) has to be awarded CWC three times, by three different judges. At least one CWC must be awarded at either International or Club Show. The minimal period of 6 months is required between the first and the last CWC.

Awarding of CWC must be clearly marked in dog's critique and signed by the judge.

POLISH JUNIOR CHAMPION is granted to a dog (bitch) that has been graded excellent 1st in Junior Class and awarded the Junior Winner tittle (at judge's discretion) three times by three different judges. At least one Junior Winner tittle must be awarded at either International or Club Show. No time limits apply.

The relevant Diplomas are issued by the Board of ZKwP on written request submitted together with the copy of payment (25 Euros) by the owner of the dog, after having checked whether relevant CWCs were actually marked in Show Reports, prepared by the Organising Committee of each show.



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